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  "Most people die being a copy, in spite of having born as an original".
(Ernst Elias Niebergall)

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Doctoral Thesis on Andean pastoralism

Author: Burkhard Schwarz (2006).

Title: "The postcolonial frontier: Focusing the domestication of the Andean pastoralism. Advances toward a Postcolonial Geography of Bolivia". – Dissertation. – Tübingen (Germany).

The thesis emphasizes the differences between the diverse perceptions and constructions of the Andean pastoralism as well as its relations with the (post)colonial connotation; the study verifies continuities and analogies between the ideological modalities of pastoralism`s domestication and the political-economical and socio-cultural forms of (post)colonization of the pastoral societies; it also shows levels of parallelism between the phenomenon of Orientalism and the Andeanism/Latinamericanism tendencies in the socio/cultural sciences and constitutes, also, an alternative conceptual framework in the perspective to feed back the western ethnic, cultural, and social geographies.

An English electronic version of the summary of this text is available in "Tobias Lib" (Library of the University of Tübingen/Germany: http://w210.ub.uni-tuebingen.de/dbt/volltexte/2004/1463).

Domingo, 03 de Junio 2007

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