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PRINTEAR ARTICULO Analysis of a politological discourse on Bolivia (text in preparation)

Autor: Burkhard Schwarz.

Title: "The Bolivia discourse of Dr. H. C. F. Mansilla: Adressing the politolological representativenes of the Creole episteme".

This study intends to contribute to a more reflexive debate in the perspective of a greater visibility of the unilateral "epistemic" tendencies in the social-scientific analyses on Latin America; particularly it addresses recent "episteme" phenomena in the politological discursive field in reference to Bolivia, which shows certain asymmetries and deformations. As a reference from the context of scientific discussion on this matter in German language, the discourse of Dr. Hugo Celso Felipe Mansilla is focused, that can culturally be located between the Sopocachi neighbourhood (La Paz/Bolivia) and the city of Berlin (Germany). Among others, it emphasizes the question: To what degree Mansilla’s rhetoric can be considered as a product of postcolonial conditioning?

2 June 2006 11:13 PM