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  "Most people die being a copy, in spite of having born as an original".
(Ernst Elias Niebergall)

  Iniciativa ENCHACO


Welcome to the homepage of Burkhard Schwarz.


An authentic protagonism should be based necessarily on the personal coherence of the protagonist.

Beyond the mere individual dimension this place (site) intends to cover an integral space. It is perceived fundamentally as an opportunity for the articulation of non-orthodox thinking.



This place is conceived in the perspective of constituting a hetero-narrative starting point.

It focuses on the multiple facets of the “epistemic” configurations (Foucault) parting from a transverse and integrative methodology; in such sense, the site challenges obsessive ways of orthodox thinking and of conventional construction of “positivity”.

Here one is invited to reflect deconstructively and constructively on the hegemonic and (post)colonial stratum of the inter-cultural problematic undertaken in this site covering particularly its "territorial" dimension.


This place is destined to respond to hegemonic discourses at two levels: the theoretical or conceptual field and the specific political-cultural or ethnic-territorial field (see Texts).

On the one hand, it is necessary to respond directly –in very concrete contexts– to the (re)producers of those postcolonial discourses that support and/or legitimise the current execution of (neo)colonial projects. As spaces of articulation of this type of controversy here will be taken into account basically the discursive fields concerning the following regional contexts: the Andean Highland, the Bolivian Chiquitanía and the South American Gran Chaco (see News).

On the other hand, it is also necessary to give answers to the hegemonic discourses in the field of concepts and theories. To such effect a series of analysis is articulated that focuses on concepts with unilateral cultural and ideological connotations such as the "frontier" theorem (see above), or that addresses the constitutive reproduction mechanisms of scientific or academic convention, which continue to be little considered by the discourse analysts; the politological discourse on Bolivia of Dr. H. C. F. Mansilla is analysed as a way of illustration (see above).

Analysis of a politological discourse on Bolivia (text in preparation)

Analysis of the German “frontier” discourse in reference to Latin America (text in Preparation)


ENCHACO – Native Encounters in the South American Gran Chaco

Interview "Burkhard Schwarz. A geographer and his double critical vision"

Doctoral Thesis on Andean pastoralism

Publication on the Chiquitanía (Bolivia)

Publication on Karankas (Bolivia)

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